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CAROL MUZYK ABN 29 252 490 040

Carol has over 17 years of experience in Development Assessment. She gained this experience through her employment at the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) of South Australia, and at various local government Councils in both South Australia and Queensland.

She has the ability to both prepare and assess development applications in a timely fashion in accordance with relevant planning legislation.

Carol's skills and expertise in development assessment have been widely recognised in SA local government. She completed two (2) terms as an Independent Member of the City of Playford Development Assessment Panel (DAP). She has also been engaged by the City of Charles Sturt as an Independent Panel member. In collaboration with other Panel members she was charged with assessing a wide range of development applications such as new houses, land divisions, major commercial developments and changes in land uses.

From the preparation of simple residential development applications, through to multi-land use proposals, Carol can assist you to prepare applications for development approvals in all local government council areas. 

She will assist you throughout the approval process of your development. Her services include;

  • Client representation and advice for development applications and consents
  • Liaison with government agencies during the approval process
  • Initial site feasibility study
  • Referral for preparation of preliminary and final site designs
  • Preparation of development application documentation
  • Submission to local council/government agencies
  • Attendance at Planning Committee meetings (if required)