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CAROL MUZYK ABN 29 252 490 040


Carol has experience in project management. She has the ability to develop clear and comprehensive project briefs, tender documents and contracts of engagement. The management of project budgets, the preparation of project reports and undertaking project evaluation to ensure project objectives are achieved and timeframes are met are all tasks Carol undertakes proficiently.

As a Projects Coordinator, Carol is able to provide leadership and manage the operational functions of a project team. She has exceptional time management skills and has the ability to plan, organise and manage her own work and lead, manage and mentor others. Using assertive, fair, consistent and consultative approach she has established productive working relationships whilst achieving excellent project outcomes.


Regardless of the nature of your business or organisation, there is the possibility that the activities it undertakes will impact on the environment.

An EMS is a program that can

- be used to identify, manage and reduce an organisations impact on the environment

- provide a systematic and methodical approach to planning, implementing and reviewing an organisations response to those impacts.

- set out procedures designed to meet environmental performance requirements.

- be used generate reports on environmental performance

- be integrated with other management systems (such as occupational health, safety & welfare) to give a whole of business approach.

Carol will design and implement an EMS that is tailored to your business or organisation. She will also provide in-house training to your staff on the monitoring and improvement of the EMS system to enable you to take ownership of the system.


Carol has working knowledge of how local governments and state governments around Australia are responding to climate change. She has assisted communities to identify the risks, and to respond to the potential impacts of climate change. She has worked with coastal communities in SA to develop strategies and community emergency management plans in response to sea flood inundation.